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UX/UI Case Studies

The US visa application process is extremely difficult,. Otherwise, visitors must pay a travel agency $350 🤯 

I re-designed this experience with the goal of reduce visa rejection by unwanted mistake and save money for users.

US visa application


Fusion sushi house


With 598+site sessions, 492+ unique visitor, 1,549+ page views within the first 3 months.

The website helped the business to engage more customers as well as promote its delicious fusion cuisine.

La Vista 


La Vista is a fictitious luxury resort villa located on Phu Quoc Island. Through research I realized the importance of featuring both unique villa styles as well as activities that were part of the resort.


Project included prototyping a functional mobile app and researching/designing the UX/UI for the website.


Done in collaboration with another designer and developer.

Website projects

This responsive  website allows followers of the Pentatonic to view an introduction to each member as well as the most recent songs and music merchandise.





I showcase the strategic website redesign for BCamp, a unique educational platform bridging the worlds of traditional bootcamps and hackathons, offering a tailored learning experience in just six weeks. This project aimed to enhance their online presence to attract increased traffic and engage more students effectively.

Apollo Art School


This website  provides an in-depth exploration of the strategic website redesign undertaken for the Apollo School of Art and Music, with the overarching objective of augmenting their online presence, attracting a more extensive audience, and delivering an enhanced and immersive experience for their students.

Graphic design projects?

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